2 Months and a Special Time

Yesterday marked two months since Zyan came into our lives, and already our life before him is a bit of a blur but also clarifying. The questions of do we get enough sleep continue, but what is wonderful to witness is how many are falling in love with him, Already I struggle not to share all of his moments on social media, but I cannot resist sending a daily video to our loved ones of my special time with him when he coos, smiles, and all around just plays for about 30 minutes. The time goes fast, but I also keep promising him that we will always have time like that. Papa will love you. Papa will keep you safe, and Papa will be your friend. Papa will also stretch and do the things he does not know how to do so you don’t have to struggle needlessly. Papa will learn so he can teach, get you curious, expose you new ideas, and the love of reading.

Some things will come easy, others not so much. My current priority besides Zyan is to be in better health, to get back into fitness but not with the goal of looking better, but being around. To keep up my old legs with endless energetic ones that Zyan is sure to have. To have his back, to hold his hand, to hug him, to let him know that he will never be alone. Not just Papa, but ever loving Mama, and the doting Dadi and Nani, and the bhuas, the mamas, mamis, the list goes on and one, We can’t for all of the to be with him to let him know that he can learn from so many and perhaps even teach them. He will know his cousins as brothers and sisters as we did, and that is a moment I cannot wait for.

In just two months, Zyan amassed an army of loved ones, and this is just beginning as our friends come into the fold, and it still feels like a dream after two months, but one that is solidifying our family. This is just the beginning, Zyan. Papa Loves You.

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