A Lifetime of Thanks

Dearest M,

Zyan is now a bit over 6 weeks old.. Each day has become a miracle, and I can’t help being grateful for your generosity and heart in being our surrogate. A few years ago, if you had told me I would be a father someday, I would have politely smiled and just said we will see, one of those things you mumble to well meaning people. There were plenty who asked oh when are you going to have kids or how come you don’t have children? It was one of those questions that I never knew quite how to answer politely or quickly without delving into my wife’s cancer history which seemed like an airing of her past and condition to which they had no right.

And for a while, we’d expected just being relatives and babysitters for others, but now we have one of ours to call son, and it is all due to a decision you made. I don’t know how but the universe connected us, and things moved quickly once they did. It wasn’t easy to keep it quiet from our loved ones, and there always was anxiety for me on whether it will come to fruition. And now it has, and all I can do is pray you get all that you ask because for your selfless act, you deserve the world.

I know I am the quiet kind but after our first holiday with Zyan, I can’t take that route anymore. It is important to let others know that there are other options to having a baby and while surrogacy may not be a fit for everyone, for us, it gave us a new life. We now live in a life of gratitude for the gift that you gave us, and I just needed to take this moment to thank you once again. Your strength was not just in your words, but the 9 months of action, and then giving us strangers something so valuable. For that, we will never forget your heart for doing this for us.

When the time comes, Zyan will also know because not only we are grateful to you, but proud of our decision to be public about our process. And so if anyone reading this has questions, don’t hesitate to send me a message, and I would be more than happy to share our journey. For now, we get to celebrate each day with our new life. And for that we have YOU to thank.

Happy 2023!

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