Welcoming Zyan Sabarwal

On November 15th, our lives changed for the better in a way we did not think possible. I have a label I did not think I would ever get: Papa. Our son Zyan is already the center of our lives, and looking at him each moment makes me want to be the best parent that I can be for him. This means being healthier, open to new things such as sports, being ready to teach, share our interests, show him the blessings around him that we call our family and friends.

But wait there’s most, from the inevitable question “how much sleep are you getting?” (not bad so far) to the constant panic when he goes from his chill self to a bit whiny or a brief cry that is unusual, the wife and I are continually learning and adapting. The second question that follows is “How’s Bella coping with Zyan around? ” I am proud to say that our 14 year ol fur baby has been an absolute gem with her little brother and is usually glued to him! Both our cheeks and hearts hurt from the constant joy he already provides. Each day now has more urgency for me in terms of ensuring we contribute to his well-being, We are still learning to navigate the deluge of information out there, and are grateful that not only do we have experienced parents around us, we also know of medical personnel which for any new parent can be hugely beneficial,

But enough about that. I know want to talk about my son and to my son. I want him to know that he will be rich. Rich in experiences. In information. In learning. In relationships. In expressing himself. In family. In loved ones. i know I will struggle with wanting him to not face adversity. To stop myself from seeing him struggle. I hope my experience allows him to form his own path with less mistakes or perhaps different one, but I am also resigning myself to the idea that he may make more. And that’s okay.

My journey to adulthood took far longer than 18, but I am richer for it. I know setting random milestones is a recipe for disappointment or too much pressure so my goal is simple: to let him figure out things once we have given him the tools. But for now, we enjoy him, take him in like the fragrance that he is, and keep being grateful for him,

Welcome home Zyan. Papa loves you.

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