On Wedding Celebrations

While we wait for Baby boy who looks like he wants to take his time to come into the world or like his Daddy arrive on the day he is supposed to, the wife and I got a chance to celebrate an amazing couple who have been together since their teens. Watching their two families come together even though they had disparate cultures was a sight to see, and made me believe that really when there is love, it does not matter what the racial makeup is of the people. It reminded me that far too often we spend time looking at differences, but at this wedding it was truly a celebration of what they and their families had in common.

From the sets of parents trying out Indian culture like food, clothing and rituals to seeing their overjoyed dancing and acceptances of this union. It reminded me that even the world seems like it is going crazy, it is moments like this to show me that we’ll always have love and hope if we choose to let it in. I sound like an old person saying this, but going to a wedding reminds me of so much possibility, a beautiful future, new family member additions, and strengthening of old bonds.

And as always there is gratitude for ones who made the events, and regret and sadness for the ones who couldn’t or are no longer here. So many emotions come up at these times, but it is a reminder that the new couple is on their way for a new journey, no longer just boyfriend, or girlfriend but husband and wife. And it makes me smile. We celebrated them not just for this new bond, but also a way to remind ourselves of what lies ahead.

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