Week 36 and Impromptu Gatherings

This past Saturday marked 36 weeks for Baby boy which now means that he can come out safely at any point, and so our excitement and nervousness grows. One great thing already has been the open conversations the wife and I are having about our lives changing. It’s not perfect, but us voicing what’s inside ensures that we are on the same page. For the past few weeks, my morning routine now consists of watching newborn essential videos and what to do and know. It all seems a big overwhelming until I sit still and take in the fact that I am going to be a father. n Each day now consists of that wonder and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This past weekend also contained several impromptu gatherings with deepening connections, allowed us to spend with people we haven’t in a while, and also allowed a deep soul searching conversation that I hope leads to better connection with loved ones. It reminded me that there are people in my life who I can call up at any moment, and what is a quiet night can turn into an event of sharing, conversation and sheer good will. For that, I feel truly blessed. To be able to smile so often, so laugh, to miss the ones not here all in one night. So much can occur in a few hours that it spins the mind.

And so Week 36 and the gatherings formed the weekend, but more importantly, are fast becoming the foundation for our changing future. Everyone person we saw this weekend will be part of our lives in some way, and that’s still not counting other family members. In this cocoon, will our son arrive, and that gives me so much hope and relief. He is already loved, and he doesn’t know it yet.

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