On New Challenges

As I get closer to the day baby boy is born, excitement and anxiousness have become my close friends. There are days where I feel completely lost, and then other days where I feel that just like all other challenges, this too can be handled, except they involve another human. No more hypotheticals on what kind of father I will be or need to be. I have to now consider all my choices and opinions a lot more carefully.

It is a constant fact that I will be an older father, which means more experience, but also means I get to step up my stamina, parenthood will be be the ULTIMATE crossfit workout. Even based on that lazy metaphor, I know I have some time to warm up (not much), and to get my head ready, but the best part is that it will be partner workout. I know we will support each other, and it will take lots of communication.

Better yet, its a team sport as both of our families will also be there are guides, coaches, and the occasional break givers. Not to mention our friends who are already jostling for time with baby boy, and all of it comforts me, lets me know that even when I fall (and I will fall), there will be others to pick me up, to show me the way, to soothe the hurt feelings, to let know that all of this is a continual learning process, that there are more than one way to do things, and there is no one ultimate right way as long the child grows in love.

The lull before the storm is MY time to get ready as best as I can, to ensure I truly partner with my wife so she knows she is not in this alone, that she can count on me, that I will not let my fears or worries be the reason for inaction. I get to MOVE, to LEARN, to ADAPT, and so this week becomes the beginning of a another leg of the journey, and I CANNOT wait.

Happy Monday!

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