On Returning Home

Jetlag my new best friend, but the heart is still full of recent memories. Ten days that included two countries, half a dozen occasions, far too much food and drink but even more memories and lessons for the future. The wife and I went to Madrid at the last minute, and now I know that a little bit of planning, of asking questions, of setting expectations go a long way in having a great trip. A beautiful country where I learned the meaning of partnership, and the ability to say the words I don’t know and seek support. To apologize when I had unsaid expectations or just wanted something different. She stood by me even at my lowest, and brought me up with understanding and explaining what needed to happen. Great training for our coming parenthood where we share roles and duties and not just one person has to do it all or do one specific things.

And then we stepped into 7 magical days of sheer family time with dozens of family members (more than a hundred actually), and I remembered the value of why we try so hard to attend far away weddings. From hanging with cousins and relative I hadn’t seen in years to getting to know new relations. This was a celebration that set the standard. Every single thing was thought of, not just the events, but the in between time for the next event. The only cost was our flights as my cousin and his family ensured we had nothing else to worry about. That kind of love only comes unconditionally.

The sheer magnitude of their efforts and my sister just blew me away, and then barely landing and we hit another milestone with my wife turning 40 and still not looking a day over 21, and the sheer amount of gratitude for my life takes my breath away (just like she does).

And so I still here, still reliving all the memories, and I look forward to the future!

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