On Spending Time

This past week became busier than I anticipated. Well in a different way. I had a potential trial that would have taken away my week, yet instead I managed a long continuance which allowed us to host friends. I finally got some of my Crossfit friends over, and before then spent some quality time with a dear friend of mine and his wife, and then on Saturday we outdid that all but hosting over twenty people. I could focus on the work that it took to make it all happen, however it is so much easier to express the joy of spending time with loved ones.

Over and over, the lessons are the same from my Papa. Host people like family, create time that creates memories, and at the end, you end up with experiences you reminisce about with others. It completely helps that my wife has the same idea, and thus, in a week where we had nothing planned, we ended up spending time with unique groups, deepening the connections, and setting the stage for future events.

More and more, I take on my father’s habits, things I never thought I would do, but now fill me with pride. Each time, I imagine channeling my dad as I put out fruit, crack jokes. enjoy music, make others smile, ensure no one goes hungry, and that there is plenty to drink . And then I look forward to the next time, my wife and I in synch on wanting to spend time with the ones that matter to us. Sharing not just our house, but thoughts, dreams and future plans, giving birth to a future that ensures we will never be alone, not just physically but in times of need.

There are aspects of my father I wish I had. His gregariousness, his bluntness. I retain my mom’s quietness in certain situations which serves me well in crisis, but can sometimes make others feel disconnected. Too much of each quality can harm relationships, but being aware allows me to grow (that word again), and gives me goals to improve myself. It’s been a helluva ride so far, can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Happy Monday!

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