On Not Doing Anything

This past weekend, I managed not to do anything, but got so much time. I got time alone with the wife and dog, shared some amazing news, learned some news, and then also got a chance to open a bottle of 50 year old whiskey, and my heart is full. There was some sad news, and they are on my mind, but even when not doing anything so much happened.

Initially, I regretted not making any plans for the memorial weekend, but truth be told, it came on me abruptly. Between working and the spending time with loved ones and just try doing the day to day, it hit me on friday that it was a three day weekend. Instantly, I felt a rush to do something, anything, that it felt weird to have so many days with nothing planned, and to be sure, there were some hiccups, but out of that came out clarity, time spent together, and new moments.

And then bang, the weekend is done, and even though I didn’t do anything, so much happened anyway. Not all time can be planned, and it shouldn’t be anyway. It’s a lesson I struggle with continually because I have this need to control and know anything. Giving into no structure is daunting. I couldn’t help thinking of all that I needed to get done in a shortened week until I realized I was putting that stress on myself.

Nothing broke,. Shit got done. Relationships deepened. Yes, we even got bored together, and that’s okay. Boredom is good sometimes as it allows for conversations that need to take place, or maybe just being alone is enough. And so a new month begins, halfway through 2022, with so much coming up ahead. Weddings, births, new lessons learned, expanding the firm, deepening the links with others. So much also of nothing to do, and let life happen to me.

I can’t wait to find out what’s in store. But then again, I wouldn’t want it any other way.

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