On Learning

This past week I got a new laptop, and it hit me I have a chance to organize it in a way that makes sense. I know the window for change is limited before I go the way of the past, and it got me thinking that while I love learning some things, there are others I am just content to ignore from the knowing the features of my car to perhaps knowing how to use Microsoft Word better as my law practice grows.

One of the pleasures in technology is having the latest and greatest but that value gets losts when I fail at the effort to actually learn what makes it that. My failure to learn gets me a better thing that does not work as advertised simply because I am too lazy or reluctant to learn. That gets to change. There are so many areas I get to learn about, from installing the sound bar that stares at me each time I enter my house to being unable to explain to my wife how to use the car without a key card to feeling there is more to Microsoft Word than just typing into it.

I get that information overload is a thing as well, but not knowing the things I use regularly a bit better does me no good either. And so with the new month comes the goal of learning but not just of a personal nature but of the things in my life. I know if I can make that as part of my morning routine, I am setting myself up to win. It is in these small things that larger change comes from, and so I embark on this goal. Wish me luck.

What will you be learning this month?

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