On Spending Time

This past weekend I got the privilege to spend extended time with my 6 month old nephew and 3 year old niece. My wife and I got to play slumber party for the entire weekend. While my wife and mother in law did the hard job of feeding, changing, and putting them to bed, I got to hang out, play, hold, cuddle and just be a big little kid with them. My job was way easier because well I am not very mature to begin with (I own it), but more that, my heart overflowed with love and gratitude to my brother and sister in law for allowing this precious time with them.

The kids may not remember when older, but for us, it was a true joy to be the first ones to hug and hold them first thing in the morning. There is a special type of happiness that comes with seeing their eyes light up along with a bright smile just to lift ones spirit. It’s addictive, and one that I even crave at this moment. It’s also work, but one that doesn’t feel like it till they are in bed, and it hits you that their parents have been doing this without complaint for a while. A new appreciation grew for them. While I managed some decent sleep, the wife didn’t fare as well, but seeing her joyful face it was apparent there wasn’t any regret there.

Its time like these that remind me that too often the time spent in regret or judgment is wasted time. That there is so much good in life with others who accept you unconditionally, see the best in you, and want you around. That kind of love can fill you to the brim which is exactly how this monday feels. Not a burden, but a day to be celebrated. And so I enter this week with gratitude, love and and non judgment. Wish me luck! 🙂

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