On Connection

This past weekend led to several unplanned late nights spending time with dear friends and family. I cannot help share the blessings from these night outs when plenty of thoughts, laughter and joy are shared amongst loved ones. I know it is easy to bemoan the terrible things or upsets that we face, but I am determined to memorialize the good times because those are the memories that that help me move forward.

Too often, we allow the dips in our lives be the navigators when the truth is that the ascents are where the real action is. Life can overwhelm you with down moments, or things not going as planned, but that’s okay because you get other times to make it right like this past weekend. Connecting with others allowed me to know that just like the bad times, good times are always nearby if I am open to the possibility.

And in that, there lies a challenge because there are times I don’t want to get out of bed, to sleep a bit more, to wallow, to feel the hurt of the day rather than appreciate what I have. There are days it takes a conscious effort to snap out of it, to not hide behind the blanket, to just feel the emotions. And that can be fine if it helps in the healing. Where it gets complicated is when that’s all that I want to do, or when I just notice the things not going right, that’s when it can turn into an issue.

And so this past weekend became a reminder of the possibilities for connection and for that i am grateful. I hope there are more weekends of that rather than me just focusing on the things that disconnect.

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