Light in Our Lives

The sun slowly bathes my culdesac in warm light. Contentment courses through me as my gaze catches the wonders of a new place. I can imagine a new car smell in the house, and excitement accumulates as we have people over. One of the joys of a home is hosting. Both the wife and me love to host, but we also love opportunities to spend time that we don’t see often. This past friday, we had a chance to connect with my wife’s cousin and their entire family. What made it great was the instant connection between the kids, but what was better was having deeper conversations with the cousin and his wife; something that hadn’t happened before.

Another perk was the spending time with his father who I liked immediately when I met him over a decade ago. There are some people that come into your lives, and the intimacy makes sense, like a missing piece you didn’t know that makes the relationship a great one from the get go. Each time we see each other, my heart feels fuller, eager to hear his thoughts, and just being able to spend meaningful time together.

Another weekend of blessings, and I cannot help but be touched with gratitude. To be able have so much light in our lives makes the sunlight touching the streets like its reaching inside my heart. I cannot help but express thankfulness to the one above who allows me to experience all the varying emotions not just negative ones, who shows me that life isn’t always an ordeal, but something to experience joyfulness in.

Shukar. Shukar. Shukar

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