Pushing Through

One of the exciting things about being at a new place means decluttering, organizing, and setting up spaces as you imagined them to be. I was happy to say that we brought over a lot less stuff that we have accumulated over the past two years, and even now have been ruthless of what gets to stay and what gets to go. It is nice to push through even as exhaustion sets in, and you promise yourself you are not going to move again for a long time even though the whole point of this exercise is to determine when we will find our permanent home.

And so we push through to new environments because that is the only want to find out what works and what doesn’t. Thankfully, I am paired with a very smart and talented wife who not only knows how to make a home, but knows exactly what pairs well with what while I just scratch my head, unable to make any design contributions, well because I have the taste of a two year old. So she makes do with me, but it has been a blast doing this with her.

It’s a way to reconnect, to recommit, to build a stronger foundation as we push through together and make our new home. I wouldn’t want it other way.

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