End of the Month

Today is the last day of a whirlwind of a month and I cannot help just going over all the moments that happened. Last friday, I was speaking to my best friend where I told him I had three hearings, and two more this week for motions and then I was working on discovery for a client and also entertaining a potential client, and he casually remarked to me “you are a normal lawyer now.” The words brought me to a standstill as it hit me that he was right, and the urge to tell Papa grew so strong I felt like I couldn’t breathe.

That didn’t include a month where I managed a boys trip, an wonderous birthday party thanks to my wife, and ended the month celebrating other friends. The month felt like a dream, and its just the first month of 2022. I look forward to what the year offers, but I also plan to temper myself, to not just get caught up in tasks, or habits but to ensure a quality of life I am proud of.

The road to recovery looms ahead. I can barely move my shoulder, and two weeks of unhealthy eating are starting to catch up and I have a decision to make. What kind of Sanjay do I want to be? One who gives in, or one who finds a work around. So what I can’t crossfit, I still have legs, and there are other ways to be healthy and fit. But I also know that I cannot get so focused on these types of goals that I lose sight for the reason I want to be fit. To be here longer to continue on this path I am on with loved ones, to continue to experience all that this world offers so I get to take a moment.

Breathe it in Breathe out. And get ready for february.

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