I love the smell of the new year, new possibilities, new experiences, new learnings, lots of ways to either grow or remain in the status quo. More and more I realize that much of my life is under my control in the way that I respond it. Sure, unexpected events such as loss of life, friends, family, work crisis’s, failing at work outs are going to happen as they did last year, the real difference will be how I respond to it, how I either let the situation control me or I control my actions and emotions.

The thing with change is that one never knows what is going to happen, I mean, if we did, it wouldn’t be much of a change unless we just freeze and fail to act. So back to the new smell of a new year. One with a milestone for me that makes me a tad nervous as I hit the big 5-0, but then again I felt similar when I was 40, 30, and even 21. Each time I felt like I am reached a level no one could relate to when really we all feel old at some point.

The real question for me is what am I going to do about it. Well. I am gonna do things that scare the shit out of me, I am gonna try new places, new experiences with my wife and loved ones. I am gonna keep running until my knees can’t and then I will run some more because dammit I can rest when I am dead. You are only as old as you feel, and the strange part is that I feel younger than before.

And so I am rushing into this year. Give me what you got 2022, I am ready for you!

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