Barrelling Towards 2022

It amazes me that the 2021 ends in 10 days. It feels like a whirlwind or maybe I just say as I get closer to major milestones in my life (50 here I come), or it could be that I set on a new path without the family business as a safety net, I learned, grew, made mistakes, grew some more, and learned many ways not to do something, and then next thing I know 2021 is almost over.

And yet even with all this change, I look forward to what there is to come. I don’t want the same year again, but neither do I want a tumultuous year. I do know that things take time especially when planting seeds in new areas. I also have no idea what will come out of my efforts, but the main thing I am sure of is that my support system stays strong, my loved ones blanket me with their well wishes, and advice, my wife holds my hand even I am unsure of the next step, my mom and sisters are there to give advice (and plenty of it), my friends are here to listen to me, or talk to me, or teach me.

And so as I barrel towards 2022, I don’t feel out of control. Instead, I feel I am picking up speed as the way becomes more familiar. I look forward to the ride!

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