On Giving Thanks

In the bright morning sun permeating my office, it’s easy to see clearly everything here, but internally I am even clearer. As the long weekend fades into memories, I can’t help feel grateful for how much I have, or how rich I am. It’s easy to get lost in the game of making money, paying bills, and looking to climb the next step in life, and not take the time to take in all my wealth.

One of the things I truly appreciate is that as much negativity surrounds us now, we will get a chance to celebrate the good days, the people in our lives, and appreciate what we have. I get it, maybe it ritualized, stale or cliche, but you know what giving thanks is something I’d keep as part of my life no matter how others feel. That’s not to say that I am looking down on others, just that gratitude works for me. It grounds me. Allows me to take stock and know where I really am in my station in life.

I can be quite hard on myself, but this past weekend, being able to be around so many loved ones, to see how much effort is put in to make others seen, loved, I began to relax and be present and take in the moments for what they were for. Was everything perfect? No, it was as it should. Were there missed connections? Chances to be better. Harsher words than intended. Of course. It’s what makes it a family. But what mattered most of all is everyone willingness and eagerness to be around each other.

And it hits me that as this month draws to a close, and I begin the last month of 2021, I was so much to look forward to, so much still to learn, and to be grateful for. And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Happy Monday!

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