The Weekend

In the quiet of my office, I can finally process the weekend. Rest and recovery out of the question as we celebrated a dear friend, got to experience our first Friends Giving, and finally had a chance to spend some quality time with our niece and another close friend of mine and his partner.

I never quite know how to answer when people ask me how my weekend was. For the past few months, there has no free days to just do nothing, or rest, or do anything not created by someone else. And the word that comes to mind is grateful, and blessed which turns into sentence of being surrounded by so many who care about us, bathing us with their time and attention.

There was a time I looked forward to different types of events and people, participated in what I thought to be lifelong activities like promotion, events, selling music, connecting with music industry folks and on a path to creating a record label. It all seems so foolish now, but then again I gained so much from doing all that. It is a foundational part of me allowing me a network of people and ideas helped me grow in unique ways.

And so in this morning quiet, I sit amazed at the changes in my life where health, family, mariage, friendship, and business fill up my days, and my soul. A different life than what I imagined, but do not wish to change in any way at all. Yes weekends are full, time feels shorter and shorter, so many people I need to connect with, but I wouldnt have it any other way.

Happy Birthday again Megha. Great seeing you Raj, and of course to am amazing start of the weekend with my BNI crew but most importantly having my wife by my side throughout all of it. I am a lucky man indeed.

Happy Monday!

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