August, September, October (by the Numbers)

This weekend it hit me that I had not paid attention to how I had been doing with my habits for the past few months. Well not exactly true, I’d been tracking them using the Clear Habit Journal, but had not posted publicly how I’d fared. August September, I did pretty well on my meditation and journaling, sporadic on not drinking on the weekdays and stretching, a lot better on my new habit of taking vitamins (Zinc, Fish Oil and Alpha Lipoic), and needed to improve my water intake. I realized that often the habits I did only 70% of the time were ones I either didnt want to do or didn’t remember to.

I didnt plan on Taco Tuesdays or get togethers with friends or just feeling like a drink after a hard day, so I get to check in with myself and see what the story is I make up about drinking on the weekdays because that’s what it is. I also know that when I do drink even when its only one or two, I am groggy the next day which makes me not want to wake up at 5am to workout.

October I added the habit of eating fruit daily and that has been a game changer in terms of making that the firs thing I eat to break my intermittent fast of 14 hours. I want to get up to 16 hours, but then again I noticed that when I do drink or don’t work out or stretch, I tend to snack and eat not so well on the weekends. So there is work to be done.

I only have 2 and half months left till I hit 50, and I do want to be the best version of myself. Maybe I am fooling myself, but its okay as long I continue to hit my goals I am good with my effort.

New month, new me. Happy Monday

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