Vibing with Diljit, Friends and Family

And the streak continues, but first a look back to a long time. It’s been a while since I got excited about a new bhangra album. It reminded me of the days when it felt like I broke new music for my customers at Ziba Music, influenced up and coming DJS, just spread the word as best I could as a event promoter and all around music label wannabe. And then comes Moon Child Era by Diljit Dosanjh, not even a a year after his previous hit album G.O.A.T, and right off the bat I fell in love with Luna, Vibe, Void and Lover. It hit me how much good music moves me, changes the rhythm inside me, makes me feel alive and shout out to the world so LISTEN. TO. THIS.NOW.

It feels the holes of me wondering of when I got left behind in desi music, when I became the crudgmeon who says Sidhu Moose Wala is not real Bhangra music and then take that back as his music becomes something I listen to, and I get that I am no longer than young punk who thought who knew it all about desi music and MY genre of South Asian music. And so shift back and forth like the turntables of a DJ (do they even have that anymore), changing, remixing, mashing up and finally accepting that there are songs out there not my taste but the trend of the people, but I still get some of them once in a while like Diljit.

So making that the soundtrack for the week, I managed yet one to celebrate an old mentee, remince with older friends about the desi scene we knew, then went and spent time networking with my BNI Group and finally got some quality time with someone I have knowns for 25 plus years, ending the weekend celebrating a dear friend from Crossfit and ending is huge high note of being with niece Zara while she awaited the arrival of her baby brother who came today.

And so I end this post with shukar, shukar, shukar and I can’t wait to find out what this week holds for me!

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