Another Splashy Weekend

Recently, I have begun to love doing my blogs the day after the weekend as it gives me a chance to ruminate on the week and yet again be amazed for our blessings even among sadness. Its been five years since Papa left and no amount of smiles and laughter can cover that fact up, but it can muffle it, make it seem that there is life after the departure of a loved one, time to celebrate other milestones, to grab dinner with old friends, some so much younger than me when I met them and now grown men with children.

It gives me so much wonder to see so many things occur in just one week, but more than anything else, it is realizing that moments and events keep occuring, and if we do not take the time to acknowledge them, they pass unnoticed through the mists of time, lost to memories that might get sparked randomly.

Rather than that happening, I see it better to greet it, to memorialize it, to thank the people in my life over and over because too often it easy to just mourn the losses, to continually grieve, to only notice the bad in ones life, to just feel alone when really we are alone with our thoughts that we can share with someone, anyone, if we would just open up.

So heres to another week passing, to celebrating, to grieving, to laughing, to worrying, to being with loved ones and sometimes alone but not lonely. I can’t wait to see what the new week will bring!

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