Sprinkles of Love & Long Friendships

Another weekend passed and as we edge into September, its startling to think that 2022 is around the corner. Another weeknd to count my blessings, another weekend to notice how much love I am surrounded by, and another weekend to give my best to loved ones in their new ventures (from a new baby to school in London). The weekend started as a boys night out then into an impromptu poker night, and Saturday was a beautiful sprinkle for my sister in law as she prepares for her 9th month. The day turned into night as friends and family came over to our place, and we continued for hours.

Yet there is another train of thought as I get closer to the milestone of turning 50 in January. My friday conversation revolved around what I wanted to do, and truthfully beyond being with loved ones, nothing came to mind. Sure a big party sounds great, a destination event even better, but I also some part of me just wants it to be another birthday that I pass and hopefully keep growing in all areas of my life. As each weekend passes, and I get closer to that, I cannot help celebrate the fact that loved ones matter, not just the blood kind, but the ones who make you feel heard, respected and loved.

I spent most of the weekend, laughing, eating and drinking(of course) and revelling in the joy of being able to do so many thing different things with different people. The weekend ended with a tinge of sadness as my 19 year old niece goes across the pond to start university. As much as I mercilessly tease her, my love for her only grows. Its a nice feeling to still hang around a 3 year old niece and then say goodbye to an adult one who still reminds you of when she was 3.

A truly great way to live life.

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