Friends and the Meaning of Sisterhood

Off The Hook!

Last Friday, I got invited to spend time with some people from Crossfit. It was a bit surreal to hang out as I normally see these people at just one place and usually in workout clothes, and as the night progressed and more crossfitters joined, it felt like a high energy workout except we got to eat and drink at the same time.

I also realized that some of my best vacations came with these people, while the circle in my crossfit grew from mere acquaintances to friendship. It’s hard to believe that even now I am blessed to get more like minded, kind, generous, and overall just fun to be with people. It makes me look forward to a future for more gatherings, trying new things and getting to know people better. Its funny when you make a place a home, you also get a chance to add to your family.

Speaking of Family, yesterday was Raksha Bandhan, an Indian festival that celebrates a relationship between brothers and sisters in which sisters tie a string to act as an amulet to protect their brothers, and brothers promise to take care of their sisters. My wrist became covered with 8 of these amulets and it hit me that I have more responsibility that I sometimes take for granted. In our culture, there is no word for cousins and thus we consider them to be siblings as well, but truth to be told, my cousins and family also form the backbone of my social relationships.

At first, I thought I had not much of a weekend to look forward to, but really I got 2 chances to be around dear friends and family as well as the chance to laugh, love, hug, kiss loved ones. So not just time passing, but events to remember and cherish.

Happy Monday!

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