A Beautiful Weekend

This past weekend, we got the opportunity to have my niece spend the weekend with us. It was truly life changing in a way as spending more than 48 hours straight with a beautiful, high energy, positive human being was life affirming. Zara not just is curious, kind and present, but she is loving, quick to say thank you and I love you and always ready to play which meant engaging with her in dialogue.

Watching this tiny human in action, it hit me how much just being present and being around a loving human can sustain you. Now, one of the perks I had was that Zara is all about my wife which meant I got more breaks, yet I still got to enjoy them in observation. It’s amazing to have someone fill up a room with their personality.

Then of course we also had the fun time and while she outlasted us in energy, I couldn’t stop thanking Crossfit and my running habit for giving me the endurance to hang with her her. It was easy to remain grateful to have this person for so long, and saying goodby to her was tougher than normal because we got to experience the best good mornings with her.

I also can’t help smiling each time I remember when she saw me, and said I looked handsome. My back straightened up more, and my smile got wider. An unsolicited compliment from a three year old is definitely an ego booster. Funny, how spending time with someone so little can prove to be so large. I have to end by saying thank you to the parents for giving us this treasure and for trusting us to shined by her personality.

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