A Weekend of Friends

group of people
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This past weekend, I was privileged to be hang out with dear friends the on Saturday and Sunday, and I could not help being grateful to have so many people I could laugh with, share stories and just feel good all around. I also got to do something I have never done before: Golf. While I was as bad as I thought I would be, what made it special was spending time with 3 other great guys who I know will be in my life for a long time to go.

And then there are the surprising new group of people who I have worked out with for over 4 years, and who I have had amazing vacations, and I see feel my circle widening, growing larger with love, caring and activities. They got me doing things I haven’t done in a while or ever (taking tequila shots and golf), but the camaraderie is what really kept the party going.

As silly as it seems, I thought I was done meeting people who I could connect with and be in my life for a long. Instead of subtracting, I am adding, even multiplying and I cannot help looking forward to the life ahead with so many people in it. It tells me that there is so much more out there as long I am willing to stay open, be present and keep saying yes to things that make me uncomfortable!

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