July (By the Numbers)

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I was already coming up with excuses to not post this month as I was not 100% in any of my habits in July. I discounted the fact that I took a 10 day vacation and it’s okay to not have perfection or follow through when you take time to rest and recover. Yet the guilt and judgment reside in me that I should have done something anything during those days in New York. Again the ego heading of DOING showed up instead of just BEING and so I counted. I got to be with family and friends.I got to create memories. I got to sleep in, to eat food that I desired, to have long meandering conversations, I got to dance my ass off.

So taking all that in, I still did pretty well in some areas of my helps. The closest to 100% was meditation for which I am quite proud of. I now see it as something ingrained, a part of me. There are days I don’t remember but really I manage to do it almost day. According to my Headspace APP. I am currently on a 202 day streak and that means I actually was 100% in one habit in July so ignore what I said in first paragraph (sorry!) I also did pretty well in journaling, another essential self care activity that weights on me when I miss a few days. Even in New York, I managed to sneak in a few days. Obviously, the other activity that really worked was reading since I had plenty of time to do that.

I also managed a 2 week detox from drinking and even now I am averaging 2 drinks for the weekend. I know when I am a mindful I eat and drink less. It’s when I stop paying attention that I consume more so my intention is keep being mindful. Overall. I am happy with my month once I accepted that taking breaks and just being is more important than checking off a habit. I know that when I become too goal oriented, I become less present to what’s more important, so that is the continual journey for me, to stay present, to be mindful and finally to be grateful for what I do have.

Happy Monday!

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