This past weekend we celebrated someone who brings a lot of joy to the ones I love. It’s amazing to know how a 3 year old can mean so much to so many. Even though we are related by marriage, she feels like another one of my nieces. I have been beyond blessed to have experienced the growth of my nephews and nieces into adulthood and to be honest I’d assumed it was just something that happened in a certain chapter of my life.

To experience this joy all over again is truly gratifying and fulfilling in a different way. To be able still be in a jumper for over 4 hours and playing with all manner of kids and being child like reminded me of why I want to be fit. It’s not to impress anyone but to be able to experience things and bring joy to others by being in service. In this case, being a fool, silly and allowing myself to be face painted. something I thought I would not experience as a 49 year old. It got me thinking when I take myself too seriously, when I think I am too adult or too grown up to be child like, it is when I will grow old.

One of the things I loved about my father at social gatherings was how warm, silly and fun he was to be around. He made or tried to make everyone around him laugh. In recent years, celebrations with my father were always fun and full of laughter. I endeavor to do the same even when that means looking like a hairy spiderman, but most of all, when it means I can bring smiles to the ones I love. As I get older, I am taking on more of his characteristics, from taking power naps to being child like, but also seeing that celebrations are a reason to be bring joy to others.

Happy Birthday Zara, I know more events are to come and I cannot wait to celebrate them with you!/

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