May (by the Numbers)

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As I continue into June, I thought I’d look into how I did with my habits in May, and while I added some new ones, and continued old ones, I also took out some, and it hit me that I do have a need to fill in the entire page of the Habit Journal which may not serve me as I putting down either things I do anyway or struggle to come up with something just so the page can be full. Taking the time to absorb the numbers, I do some patterns of struggle like stretching daily or not drinking on weekdays. More often than not, the challenge for drinking is Fridays which is technically the start of the weekend, but then I also inevitably drink on Sundays which is the weekend. My goal is ideally get down to 1-2 days as I have begun intermittent fasting which is providing some much needed clarity and detoxification.

Ok enough explaining, how did I do on my habits in May? I only managed perfection in meditating (something I have been doing now for years) as well being sure to hug and kiss my wife daily (kind of a weird thing to track, but I wanted to be sure she knew she was cared off, and it was important because of the Pandemic). I did only half the month for drinking as well as stretching. I did a bit better with working out at 18 days, but only managed 22 days for writing daily (but either way a huge improvement). I also manages to journal almost every day as well as do 25 pushups daily, but I want to get to 100% for those habits as they truly serve me in my self-care.

Then I had a bunch of minor ones like practicing spanish or being in service or being vulnerable which were harder to track as what is being in service or vulnerable truly mean. As for the Spanish, it is something I have been doing for a while now so adding it just meant being able to tick something off. I still struggle with beginning with hefty goals and then becoming a bit too task oriented and not appreciating my progress or my why.

Its good to track as I tend to lose sight of my goals, but I also get to practice caution and not just become about marking it off rather than see the reason. So I get to rest, get back to Beginners Mind and I start the new month with new goals (although I still managed to fill up the page except for one area so that’s a positive). I get to own my progress, and I am proud of how 2021 is shaping out to be, but I also a ways to go, and that is more than okay.

Happy Monday. How is your 2021 going?

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