What can I say about a person who supports me unconditionally in all of my hare brained schemes from going to a 2 year law school to becoming a party promoter to having my own music store and then back to being a lawyer for the family business and finally to a thriving private practice. Throughout my journey, allI I ever received was acceptance, motivation and the realization that no matter what I was not a failure in her eyes.

It’s hard to to put to words about a person so deeply ingrained in our lives. As much as I want to express how much she means to our family, words fail me. She is home. A place to put all my fears, insecurities, ideas, and actions, and know that she will accept us. Yet that still doesnt give you an idea as to what an amazing soul she is.

Yes all moms are special, but for us she has been more than that, from business partner to mentor to teaching me how to make food when I was going away from the first time to watching her interact with her granddaughter, it truly makes me grateful for being so lucky.

Lately, she has suffered a lot of loss, but her strength in handling that is an inspiration. It shows me the path of how to keep moving forward, to keep the faith, to keep doing the right thing, to be there for others, and to show strength by action not words.

So with these humbles words,all I can say is thank you mom. I love you. Happy Mothers Day.

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