On Getting Older

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Yesterday we celebrated my niece’s 26th birthday and I couldn’t help being grateful to my sister and brother in law to allow me to have so much time with Maya. She is the first I saw from birth, and we always just had this connection that brings me joy each time I meet her. I have been lucky that recently I have seen so much more of her, and seeing her grown into a woman is truly breathtaking.

I keep revisiting Maya as I am lucky again to spend time with my wife’s niece, and I can’t help comparing as both the nieces are kind, loving and just a sheer pleasure to be around. They create joy just by their mere presence and also by how thoughtful they are. I always smile when I walk into my moms house and I see Maya and my mom just hanging out, spending time. I am a bit envious but only in the way that I too want to just hang with them.

I also envy my wife as she too will get to experience her niece the same as Maya and the road ahead is just filled with so much joy, pride and love. She too will see her niece transform into an even more special being.

Happy Monday!

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