Making Time

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One of the my habits for a while has been to be in gratitude. It started off simply enough before the pandemic with the 5 Minute journal, but it took on more significance as the days progressed and it became less clear if we would ever return to the normalcy. What took on more urgency for me was to count and collect my blessings as I had so much more than others and even that I realized until I began to take note of it. From expressing gratitude that even if I couldn’t go to the gym, I could run or be held accountable by my crossfit friends asking me as to what I was doing to stay healthy. Or the fact that I still had work, and getting more as I allowed myself to think opportunity and let go of my scarcity feelings.

Yet my greatest strength and blessings were the facts that I had a large family in my bubble. From amazing in laws to my own relatives, I had a bigger list than others to rely on. Over and over, I expressed gratitude that I had options while others had none. Again and again, I could count on meals with various people while so many had to make do with one or a few people.

This past weekend, I acknowledged how far we had come when the family went out to Temecula and got a chance to something outdoors together. I am luckier than so many that I hang out with my loved ones not out of obligation but of desire. It was heartening to see my mom and mother in law toasting each other while my cousins, sister and brother in laws sat and enjoyed food, company and so much laughter. Even in that moment, I sensed of how far we had come. That there was so much light in this darkness, and it was because I chose to look at the pinpoint of light rather than allow darkness to envelope me.

I am blessed, and I know it, and I am grateful. Happy Monday!

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