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As I drove home yesterday from a weekend full of food (lots of it), drinks (even more) and laughter (stomach pain inducing), it hit me how blessed I am for the people that are in my life. My dear friend Raj cooked us not only a feast for three meals, but filled our day with loving conversation and deep insights. It’s gratifying to know that even after almost twenty-five years of friendship, we continue to make each other laugh and have managed to not only keep in touch but deepen our relationship.

One of my greatest joys has been to see my wife get to experience my friendships, not as an outsider, but someone who has own intimate connection with those in my life. I feel blessed that I know so many kind and patient souls who make it a point to not make someone feel like a stranger.

And then the weekend continued with more friends who went above and beyond in their hospitality not only in terms of food and drinks (again) but in connection, communication and ensuring we felt seen and loved.

Two events that lead to me feeling full of blessedness and gratitude that even in times like this, there are people who make life more than bearable. Happy Monday!!!

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