As December draws to a close, I know I need to review all my goals and aspirations for 2020. As much a joke as that may appear, I still managed to hit a lot more milestones than I imagined during a pandemic. It exhausts me to even the says the words Pandemic and 2020 and especially Covid-19. Yet, when I think about it, those words changed my life in an unexpected yet meaningful.

I began the year with a different mindset, and now I end it having learned so much more about myself and others. And then it dawns on me that I learn something new and different every year.If I just put away those words as somehow defining my year, I managed to get to some goals and not others. The same as the year before.

Each year, I set up ambitious goals, but I never get to be 100% but that’s okay because the point isn’t to be perfect but to keep moving forwards. Words have energy. and if I choose to use them negatively, I do myself and others a disservice. Words matter. Even though obvious now, it took me the entire year to change my attitude about them.

Happy Monday!

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