A Strange Journey

Photo by Dziana Hasanbekava on

This year has brought me strange gifts. From appreciating loved ones, to falling in love with working out in a different way to establishing closer friendships with people who a few years ago were just familiar faces.

I am grateful for it all. Even the pain, the sadness, the frustration, and most of all, the rejection. But not in the way you might read this. I rejected being content. I rejected doing what’s comfortable. I rejected avoiding tough conversations. I rejected focusing on being right. I rejected the stories/excuses/games I played and did the harder thing.

It can be lonely sometimes, but then I remember that I am surrounded by so many who are invested in my success, happiness and love that all I have to do is open my mouth.

And that has been the strangest journey of all. To seek support. To express my fears, and frustrations. But the fear has subsided as each time I opened up people showed up, they heard me.

And so I plan on continuing this strange journey.

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