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After many months, we finally invited a few friends to our new place. It’s hard to believe how warm a place can feel with people who genuinely care about you in a short time. I met them all at my gym, yet already I count them among my close friends because besides crossfit we share so many other interests. To see them adopt my wife in a heartbeat confirms for me that these are people who care about my well being in a number of ways.

Each time we get together, the warmth and the closeness grows.  We accumulate more stories to share for later, more memories, more gratitude for being able to spend time together. I am truly blessed that the only 2020 vacation I managed to take was with this group, and not only did it turn out to be one of the best but it helped my personal friend circle bigger.

But more than that, for a few hours there was a sense of normalcy, connection, and we were able to not remember to be fearful or worried but to laugh, share and enjoy great food together. I am truly grateful to have a partner who gets this, and together we were able to host a great event. It felt like sanity even if it was just for a few hours.

Gratitude overflows in me.

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