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Half Over

Within a few days, half of 2020 will be gone.  It’s surreal to know that so much of what I planned for this year is still happening even with a quarantine. It hits me that my training to stick to my routines really laid the foundation for those many months where there is not much else I could do. I continued to be curious. I continued to work on my health. I continued enjoying good conversation and family. That’s not to say it was easy, but really that I used the tools at hand to move forward not stay stuck.

Yet it still hits that half the year is gone, and I am grateful for being here, alive, amongst loved ones doing the things that I am able to. I also know there is a lot more to do, and that’s what drives me to keep the time in mind. Rather than wallow in misery and frustration in regards to the Pandemic, I use it to push me further, to get a deeper learning, to reach out to people I haven’t in a while.

I don’t always get it right which is why its called a practice. I get each day to do the things I envision, but also remember not to get too caught up and make things into a task, something to be checked off. I get to breathe the day in, connect with my thoughts and feelings, and then go out there and make for a better day. That’s the only thing I can control.  n

So I continue to work on myself. Its half over, but it doesn’t mean I am done. Happy Monday.


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