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Letting Go

This weekend I lived in privilege as I got to watch the unrest, and the media coverage of Covid and now the debate raging about Floyd George. Coming from Orange County where more often not you don’t see many masks on people outside to going to West Hollywood, and seeing everyone in masks was jarring. Then to know that the looting was mere blocks again. But yet we carried on because we weren’t black, weren’t sick and were lucky to be around people who loved each other. So much privilege, and the old me would be grateful but there is now a tinge of guilt, of knowing that not being black means not dealing with shittiness in day to day life.

I am not going to preach, nor am I going to pretend I can relate because I know I cannot. All I can do in this moment is to let go of my opinions, need to talk on social media, to judge others. I just get to be. I get to use this to become a better person, to perhaps transfer some of my privilege to others, to be in service, but not now. Now is the time for expression (whether or not I agree with it or not is irrelevant). It really comes down to what will I learn from sheltering in place? What will I do that will be different after this? I can only control my actions. And so I get to let go and just be and then after this, I get to do better/

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