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This past weekend was not usual for many reasons everyone is aware of, but more than that it became about when people around me make a concerted effort to be around loved ones. It hit me that I am truly blessed with multiple people who consistently make efforts to spend connected and quality time with me and others. I take it for granted most times, but on holidays where we give kudos to those who sacrificed so much for us to have this, I had to take it in. Be grateful. Breathe it in, and appreciate my luck. Be present and acknowledge others who sacrificed the ultimate for an ideal.

I may not agree with so many on many issues, but that does not mean I do not get celebrate and appreciate then ones who allow us to have differing opinions. It took me a while to truly not see memorial day just the start of summer, or deals or a great parties, but a day of remembrance for those who selflessly do what I take for granted.  I couldn’t help being around others who also do so much for me and it hit me that these weekends not only mean holidays, but time to celebrate our blessings.

EAch of these holidays is a sort of thanksgiving, and in this time, all of these days now take on special meaning. Instead of complaining being stuck with the same people, I am grateful that I have large families in my life who have made this unusual time more than bearable. I now look forward to days to see what other creative and wonderful ways we will do things together. What we will share, discover, and most importantly, do together.

Happy Tuesday!

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