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This past weekend, I learned how to load a dishwasher properly (it is, in fact, more water friendly). made Shakshuka (Arabic egg dish), discovered what the worst hand in Texas Hold Em is (2/7 offsuit), that I can lock my outside storage area, why people abstain during Lent, and so much more. I read for pleasure. I read to learn (Wage and Hour and Family Law Currently as well as key points about the Care Act by my amazing Colleague Simon Khinda). I meditated, wore a weighted vest while taking the dog for a walk, zoomed with friends, played virtual poker with family and friends, learned Spanish on Duolingo, and on and on.

I also did not watch new, or worried about Covid-19. I didn’t complain about being bored, or stuck at home, or not being able to go to places. I didn’t judge for others bemoaning their fate, and the continuing uncertainty of when this will be over.  I focused on surrendering to the day not the situation. It’s easy to get lost in getting frustrated, complaining, being bored, wondering when this will ever end or just really living the day. I chose the latter. It is not easy because so much of my ego has to step aside. I wish to control what I cannot.

And so I surrender, and I learn, and I grow, and hopefully my relationships get deeper.

Happy Monday

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