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This past week, I have noticed that my environment has become infected with judgment, impatience, boredom, frustration, and anger. Most of it  I see on my social media. It’s one of the reasons I began to limit my interactions there because as soon as I open up Facebook, I see a barrage of opinions, rants, conspiracies, and sometimes, inspiration. It’s that last part that I keep wanting, and why I get on, but lately, that payoff just isn’t there.

I am also part of group messages where lectures abound, and others telling me how to behave. It’s utterly exhausting, yet when I shut it down, and really focus on myself, I realize the only true path through this is grace. People get to have their experiences, opinions, thoughts, feelings. Just like I do. I just need to practice grace and not join their ranks in judgment and derision. It doesn’t serve me to be annoyed, frustrated, angry at others. It just feeds more anxiety, impatience, and emotional discomfort.

I can only control my actions, and so I remained devoted to my morning routine, to my reading, to my curiosity, to being in service to my loved ones.  Do I always succeed? Not at all. Which it is called practicing grace. There are times I get it right. and other times. well I am just part of the torrent of negative emotion. I get to remind myself when I am in my shit that it does not support me. And I take a breath, give myself to act with grace, and go back out into the world. It won’t be easy, and it shouldn’t be. It will take practice, patience, understand, and yes, most of all, grace.

Happy Monday!

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