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Back to Basics

The morning quiet. My old friend. I’d almost forgotten the joy I get in those early hours when the sun debates on getting into the sky or remain hidden behind gray clouds. I didn’t remember how the shafts of light penetrate my living room, bathing it in golden hues that brighten up my insides. I open my journal, and do my Morning Pages, meditate, then off to some reading for pleasure, then reading for learning, then writing my learnings, and then finally when the dog begins to bark do I take her for a walk.

What’s changed in all this time is that my morning routine has gotten longer and more satisfying. I could have spent the time looking at social media, but i realize now that barrage of content not only doesn’t inform me, it adds to anxiety and constant worrying and looking at people as carriers of disease rather than possibility. I get the reason for distancing, but not of hardening my heart. I get to stop feeding the feelings that don’t serve me.

Instead, now I read while listening to classical music. I put on a soothing playlist as I clean my place, or cook,. I zoom with family and friends. I practice my craft (being a lawyer).  I go back to the basics for my vision. Because anything else is just fear,and it doesn’t serve me. When I practice being a better me, I can be in service to others, I can be present. I can be compassionate. I get to be open. Every. Single. Day. The rest will take care of itself when I do the basics.

Happy Monday!

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