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In Flux

It’s a surreal time. That’s the closest I can get to the feelings I am having. In just a matter of days, what seemed like a year to become uncomfortable living my vision has become a difficult year with things I had no considered. From finances to practicing being around people less, it hits me how much of my life I took for granted. And even thought temporary, it’s still is a great reminder of how much I need to make my life simpler so the next time something like this happens (and it will happen), it won’t feel like a major change.

I admit that I am unsettled, and more than a little nervous, but I also have faith that what I have practicing for the past years will now come in handy.  To me, so much extra time means that I get to do things I been wanting to do for a while, but just haven’t had the time. I see opportunity to stretch, to be in service, to get creative so I don’t go stir crazy. But more than anything else, as I am in flux, I get to stay calm and keep others in the same way.

I may not succeed some times, but I also know that I get to bounce back. I get to not let fear, uncertainty rule my world. Just like the marathon, I get to do this step by step.

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