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To New Experiences

This past weekend, my wife and I began on our new years resolution to travel more by travelling to Ensenada to go wine tasting. Yet what we didn’t realize that the trip would become so much more. In my quest to say yes to new things, I said yes to going with a group of people I was acquainted with but had spent little connection time except for two of them. For my spouse, it was even less so. With a bit of apprehension, I said yes and as the trip approached, I grew excited to witness and experience the excitement of the 12 others were were joining.

It is not often a trip goes flawless, and that only happens when there is implicit trust in the person or persons who put the event together not only does luck seem to come in, but generosity and kindness as well. I never would have experience Ensenada the way I did with this amazing group of people where we felt we formed a deep bond and affection because each person remained open, curious and full of joy.

Although, on surface, we had gone for just one thing, we ended up experiencing so many other things which made this more than a wine tasting trip. It can be easy to forget that it is possible to do new things with different people and come out the better for it. The past few days just the thoughts about thinking about the trip bring up so much joy, and I know now that I have a special group who will help me form even more amazing experiences in the future.

I joined crossfit to get fitter, but never did I realize that it would give me so much more, including friends who I know I will know for a very long time to come. I never associated fitness with family and found it a cliche, but after this trip, I’d rather be a cliche then just another member working out a gym. Happy Tuesday!

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