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Chance, Saying Yes and Compassion

As I approach the end of my training for the LA Marathon, it hits me that, barring any injuries, I will be able to finish the marathon. That was always the goal, and it allows me to take the foot off the gas pedal, and take on other matters. One of the best things about saying yes to new and difficult things has been that the initial fear lasts much less, and in fact, galvanized me to learn and prepare more. It’s funny but taking the time to prepare for the marathon now has seeped into other aspects of my life. In March. I will be doing 3 different legal seminars all because I sought out and said yes to speaking opportunities. The old me would have shunned that. As I attend more things, meet more people, the chances to do different things also increases.

This weekend, I got a chance to spend time with a little one who expresses emotions unconditionally. She only has a few words in her vocabulary but manages to convey her needs and desires effectively.  Turns out a conversation does not have to include a lot of words just feeling.  Taking care of her not only fortified my relationship with her, but also with my wife. Spending time became one of the best valentines gift I could give and receive. It hits me more and more that this is lesson I get to continually learn when I am overly focused on financial growth or material gains. Once the bills are taken care of, everything else is a “I want” rather than a “I need.” Again, it is a lesson I need to keep learning as I grow in other areas of my life. It’s easy to get caught up when stretching since it can be painful, and sometimes I expect the payoff to be in dollars rather than realizing how changed I am.

I also get to keep practicing compassion and understanding when there are those who have a deeper connection with each other than me. I realize now it is not personal. Sometimes, there are people who just like others more. It used to mean that I lacked something, or that I wasn’t good enough. But I now realize that it’s not about me. When I come from responsibility, the best thing I can do when I am connected as deeply is to accept it for what it is, and enjoy the moment, instead of wanting it to be different.  So I start this week with a clean slate, and I look for more things to say yes to.

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