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A simple word. Easy to say even, and yet I find it extremely difficult to be kind when I am in judgement, or with difficult people. Yet, I also know that is when it’s needed most. Recently I dealt with a belligerent client who berated me, and pointed out everything I was doing wrong. The commentary went on for a long time, and I wished for them to just go away, and I even raised my voice. However, it hit me that kindness is easy when it’s for people you like or get along with, hardest when one is tested .

I have learned that my belief about myself gets tested when I fall into a pattern of judgement. I catch myself often thinking others should be, or do better than they are, and it hits me that I too have struggled. I, too, took a long time to mature, and I am still learning. Each person is on their own journey, and unless asked to support others, all I can offer them and myself is kindness and patience.

So kindness is a practice that I will never master until I learn to let go of my ego. When that will be, who knows, but I know that saying something is miles away from being that way. It shows up in all areas of my life so I continually work on it. I put myself in position to be in front of unkind people, not to torture myself, but to learn, grow, and hopefully, at some point, to forgive.

Happy Thanksgiving all.

1 thought on “Kindness”

  1. Hi love you very much as I see your daily maturity keep on working on yourself as we can’t change others but we can change our attitude towards them by being our best MOM

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