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What Took Me So Long?

Nothing like the hustle and bustle of Manhattan streets to remind me of what it means to be in a big city like really in it. Walking by, jostled by those rushing, homeless sleeping on the street, a lady begging for a fifty cents, and hanging with a dear friend. It’s an intoxicating city and one that I love coming back to, and I always wonder why it took me so long. Of course, there is the family where we share belly aching laughs, and again I wonder why it took me so long to come here.

Its’s soul-filling t be around so many who are genuinely excited to spend time with you and share their world. I forget sometimes that there are those who wish nothing but success for me, and think the best of me. Sometimes, it my daily life, I tend to believe my own negative thoughts and fears of not being good enough and now seeing myself reflected in my friends and family’s eyes, I realized I allowed my fear to guide me for far too long. It hit me that being around family and friends is important for me to get a true glimpse of who I am.

I dont know what took me so long, but I am glad I am here now.

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