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Another Monday

Mid July. Another chance to start over or continue on my vision. A chance to do over some things, or perhaps begin a new chapter. A choice to lead, or be lead. So much opportunity lies in a day, and how I choose to begin it means the difference between a super productive week or one where I am left scratching my head, wondering where the week went. More and more, the morning quiet beckons me to take time to reflect, ponder, and reconnect with my vision.

I admit some mornings I get caught up in to-do lists rather than checking in with myself to see where my head and heart are at. The time to just feel, to figure out if my path for the day is clear or just one task after another. Easy to just check off things rather than see where my mind and heart are at.

Some days are filled with passion, desire and the things to get things done ASAP, and then another more frequent days where the idea of doing work just sounds like lifting boulders continuously. It’s easy to find stories, to play victim, to not want to do things, but then based on results, if I am still where I don’t want to be then I have no one else to blame.

The big word is responsibility. It’s to be, it’s up to me. It sucks though because it means to take ownership in every aspect of my life rather than sit around and just believe that its because of other people, other things, other crises, I am not where I want to be.  So another Monday. A new day. To make it day 1 or one day. The choice is always mine. What’s yours?

Happy Monday!

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