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Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

It’s easy to show images of happiness. Easy to show connection on social media and amongst others, but what happens behind the door when it’s just the two of you?  Relationships are hard when each of us have our own version of what life is supposed to be like. This past week I saw many couples who are sitting across each on their phones, lost in another world.

I watched people walking the streets, scrolling away on the phone. Our lives are becoming filtered through our smart phones and I wonder what effect that has on our relationships. We no longer are bored or allowing ourself to just feel.And so I put the phone down and look around, and what I see scares me. When did life become about presenting the best version of ourselves rather than the actual messy thing it is? What will happen to connections when it’s easier to text each other rather than pick up the phone and talk about tough things.

And then I think that happiness is what we want to feel, and we can create it and it doesn’t rely on others but phones make it seem otherwise. And so I see all this happiness and I wonder if I am happy with what’s in my life. It’s not easy to process because it is so much easier to avoid and deny, but then I realize I am not  doing myself any favors. I sit here, and breathe in the life around me. And I think about what happiness means to me. It is living my vision, my purpose, to feel connected, be vulnerable and be authentic.

It is not easy, and it’s what makes happiness so elusive. And so I continue on this path of not knowing what happiness really means, but I also know that it means to be true to myself. Just some random thought I thought I’d share which, of course, many of us will read on a phone. Go figure.

Happy Monday

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