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This past weekend, I attended a workshop called Samurai Game. A dear friend enrolled me into it by explaining it would be great to do it together. I initially resisted as I have so much on my plate, and to be quite honest, my attitude was I am good. I don’t need any more transformational training. But I had committed to us doing something together and so I agreed. I did not look into the workshop nor did I want to know what it was about. My goal was to be present, and really just be with my friends.

And yet, I am back this week feeling rejuvenated, and pleased and angry and frustrated and grateful for the experience. Over and over, I go over things and how I could have been different.  And yet when I truly think about it, the workshop was a reflection of where I am in my life. It was a perfect mirror of how I show up, and although some parts discouraged me, I knew I had come a ways. And that meant progress, success, being on right path. It reminded me of what I need to continue to work on, the weaknesses, and the areas that still need improvement. The old me would see that as failure, but now I recognize it as part of my journey.

Samurai Game taught me who I am as a leader, and the path I need to go on. It also forced me to accept the consequences when I failed to be a true Samurai. I highly recommend it to anyone!

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